Welcome to Working Stock Dog Deals!

Our aim at Working Stock Dog Deals is to provide a one-stop shop for the man or woman on the land to sell, buy, swap or breed that perfect dog for their individual purpose.

There are so many different varieties of dogs and so many varied applications. Yard dogs, paddock dogs, soft dogs, hard dogs, big herd dogs, small acreage dogs, cattle dogs, sheep dogs - the list goes on! Do you need a dog forceful enough to work a herd of Brahmans or a soft dog to bring the dairy herd in for milking? Dogs to work cattle? Sheep? Long hard days or just on the weekends?

At Working Stock Dog Deals, we understand that needs vary from looking for a pup to a started dog to an older, experienced dog. A good dog to breed to or with. Oftentimes, a dog might not suit one individual's needs but is perfect for the next person and we strive to help you source the right dog for you.

We also wish to provide a section dedicated to Trial Dogs, either for sale or wanted to buy, in order to support this great sport that has both practical and competitive applications.




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